The challenge for energy users

Energy users face four common problems when trying to improve energy productivity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and control energy expenditure.


Lack of granular energy data and monitoring systems needed to control energy performance.


The breadth and scope of technical opportunities available have not been fully assessed.


Options for project financing, contracting and energy supply procurement are not understood.


Insufficient resources, skills and experience needed to implement projects and verify savings.

Beam Advisory

We understand the challenges business are facing to improve energy productivity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and control energy expenditure.

Beam’s consultants have a combined 40+ years’ experience consulting to businesses across Australia and across sectors on energy-related matters.

Our team members have worked for and advised ASX listed and international businesses, energy utilities and private companies of all sizes.

They have led the implementation of multi-million dollar energy productivity and renewable energy projects.


Beam Advisory provides the following services to help you improve energy productivity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and control energy expenditure.

Energy Efficiency

Complete an energy audit of your sites and develop a portfolio of energy efficiency opportunities and implement.

Metering & Monitoring

Implement a metering and monitoring strategy so you can control energy performance on an ongoing basis.

Measure & Verify

Measure and verify the energy savings from energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Solar & Batteries

Procure and install optimal solar and battery solutions using our market leading Beam Solar Platform.

100% Renewables

Achieve 100% renewables utilising onsite resources and offsite procurement and contracting strategies.

Carbon Neutral

Develop a carbon neutral strategy focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy and offsets.

Most businesses lack the time and expertise needed to deliver an optimal solar solution. The Beam Solar platform takes the hassle out of solar so you can get on with generating cheap and clean power.

Beam Solar

At Beam Solar, we have figured out how you can install solar and batteries optimally with no fuss. Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete an assessment
  2. Go to market to get the best deal
  3. Install your new system

We have the best suppliers in the industry registered on the Beam Solar platform.

So start a solar assessment today. We guide you through the entire process so you can be confident about your solar investment and start generating cheap and clean power.

Our customers

Meet the team

Andrew Lister

Andrew has used his knowledge of energy procurement, demand management, government programs and grants, reporting and carbon strategy to deliver large cost savings, secure funding and manage compliance for his clients.

Andrew is a Certified Energy Manager and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP). Andrew has completed over one hundred projects focusing on energy efficiency and power generation feasibility studies for large and small companies across Australia.

Kris Robinson

Kris has over 15 years’ experience helping organisations take control of their energy use, costs and emissions. Kris is a leader in best practice energy management aligned to ISO 50001 and is the founding director of Entel.

Kris is a sustainable energy systems engineer, Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP). Over the past several years, Kris has delivered numerous solar PV projects across industrial and commercial sectors.

Caleb Black

Caleb is a full stack software engineer with over 5 years experience building great software. Caleb has used his skills to develop websites, web apps, mobile apps, APIs and to engineer cloud infrastructure.

Caleb is the lead developer at Beam and is responsible for the majority of Beam’s IT systems and to deliver reliable, scalable and extensible software.

Tom Hutchinson

Tom is a full-stack software developer and has worked on a diverse range of software projects, from education tools and games to wireless network monitoring and asset management platforms. Tom loves to work on interactive experiences in the browser.

Tom is a former teacher and is passionate about libre software, permacomputing, education and the future of the Web.

Andrew Coffey

Andrew Coffey has a Photovoltaic and Solar Power Engineering degree from UNSW and has used these skills to deliver solar PV projects throughout Australia since 2007. This includes development of the NT Power and Water energy strategy, commercial management of an ASX listed energy company.

Andrew is technical leader of the Beam Solar Market, ensuring successful delivery of assessment and procurement of solar and battery systems.

Carl Duncan

Carl is an experienced energy efficiency and process improvement expert with over 10 years’ experience with commercial and industrial facilities.

Carl is a Certified Energy Manager and a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (IPMVP). Carl has completed over one hundred projects focusing on energy efficiency, demand management and process optimisation for large and small companies across Australia.

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